Monday, 15 January 2007

When they came for the bikers ! - Know your rights !

Exhaust pipe Noise Tickets - Fiction vs. Reality. In California, unlike speeding tickets where the cops have radar detectors that must be calibrated with proof read into the record of every speeding ticket taken to court, the equipment used to determine exhaust pipes excess noise are the cops ears, which by the CHP's own admission is subjective. Subjective enforcement of a law is by nature is arbitrary, inconsistent and against the law. Here are some facts and letters I used to fight my ticket.

DALE EARNHARDT- was killed when his helmet broke his neck. The neck can't handle the forces generated in a crash. Granted, Dale's crash scenario is different from a bike crash. He was strapped in and going 200 MPH, but the physics are same and too many riders have been injured, paralyzed and killed by the same inherent problems. Enter the HANS (Head And Neck Support) system that is being considered for required equipment in certain race events. Basically, the HANS system protects the driver by making his "safety helmet" safe. You mean they're not?

As an often threatened minority/majority we need to ensure that we stop the man from infringing on our civil liberties.

Never was the quote from Peter Fonda more relevant. The problem is that for a perceived minority there is a tendency for people even within the sub culture to sit back and not notice the gradual chip, chip,chipping away of ‘the man’at our freedoms or perhaps to feel that the little change in the law of one state does not effect us in our own state. Think Again !

During the second world war there was a guy, a priest, called father Niemoeller there is a quote ( often changed to suite the political need of the user) but the basic core of the thing was this:-

When the Nazis came for the communists

I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked u
p the social democrats

I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came f
or the trade unionists
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me,
there was no on
e left to speak out.

[Click here to read the address to congress made by the Pastor in 1968]

It’s not enough to sit back crank open the throttle and ride off along the highway if we want to continue to enjoy our freedom then we need to fight to stop the politicians – the non-bikers and the facist pigs from taking them away. Education and self awareness are our main weapons. Another invaluable weapon is the $. Yes spending power….. now more than ever in the past we have our voting and spending power. Gone are the days when bikers were a penniless and powerless minority. Our numbers have grown, our pay-packets have grown and our political clout has grown with time. Bikers buy houses, bikers pay taxes, bikers buy fuel, schooling, real estate….etc ,etc many Bikers are business men and employers, Bikers are consumers with big spending power and in our society this counts for a lot. Our votes are our power more than ever before.

Perhaps the best way to stop the eroding of our rights is to know exactly what our rights are and what the man can and cannot do……..and when they step over the line to call them back into check.
I found a couple of sites which are excellent in building and maintaining an awareness of BIKER RIGHTS.

The best of these is

Bikers Rights Online

It is updated regularly and you can search state specific information on the site.

Bikers Rights Online has New articles debuting on the home page and they are then moved to the relevant site section or Archives when the page gets too long. The visitor can use the navigator links on the left or buttons on the top and bottom of every page.
It’s an invaluable resource for any biker and is an interesting site to visit just for a good read .

Do It ! ……..

and Ride Safe. Ride FREE!

Friday, 5 January 2007

What is a biker ?

By now as a biker I’m used to reading complete rubbish about us and the lifestyle but here’s a patronizingly amusing extract from the ‘informative’ ( NOT!) wikipedia……………….

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Although the term refers to any motorcycle enthusiast, sometimes the word "biker" is used to mean an outlaw biker, or bikie, who is a member of a 1%er or outlaw motorcycle gang.

Amongst riders of motorcycles, the term "biker" or "rider" is used to refer to anyone who rides a motorcycle. The word "bikie" strictly refers to European and Australian members of "1%er" or "outlaw" motorcycle gangs. Non-riders tend to place all motorcycle riders into the same category, but within the riding community there are many sub-sets of riders.

Some bikers ride heavy cruiser-type motorcycles. (Motorcycles in excess of 700cc displacement are considered "heavy," and "cruisers" are large, heavy bikes designed for relaxed travel that allow the rider to sit upright or lean back. A chopper is a motorcycle that has been stripped down—or "chopped"—to the bare essentials: engine, frame, gas tank, wheels, handlebars, and seat.)

The other more popular styles of bikes are

  • Sports Bike (those who have the fastest, most maneuverable of bikes. Like going fast, and most importantly, taking corners as fast and leaned into as low as possible)
  • Tourers (Big comfortable bikes, built for covering long distances comfortably)
  • Dirt bikes (Designed for off road riding)
  • Adventure Tourers (Bikes built for travelling across vast distances where roads do not exist. Cross between a dirt bike and a tourer)

Bikers tend to associate with others that share their enthusiasm, and congregate at motorcycle events such as "bike week" rallies and races.-


JUST 2 Words…………………FUCK OFF !

If we have to explain then you wouldn’t understand…………… Skull.London. England.