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"Our name is Motorhead and we play rock'n'roll ! "
The metal community shook late Monday with news that singer, bassist and songwriter Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister from the influential British metal band Motörhead had died. He was 70.

Motorhead Website

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Astounding lack of RESPECT

While scrolling through the " WISH" shopping App was amazed to find what can only be unauthorised (obviously !) HA back patch patches- yep top and bottom rockers and even the winged skull. ( several of the patches and rockers are technically incorrect - no red outer to the rocker etc )
Most of the companies selling on the site are in Asia and China - but going by the "only .5(etc)..left" tags on some of the items many foolish people are buying them !

Anyone stupid enough to purchase and wear them not only knows nothing of our biker culture or the disrespect they exhibit in their actions .

They will get what they deserve I am sure for their Mindless ignorance

The same site also has Mongols MC back patch patches too !


Monday, 30 November 2015


How long have Bikers been wearing MA1's ?

Inspired by the military ? nope - by Kim Kardashian !
The most irritating thing about these fat assed, over-paid,self obsessed celebrities famous for doing nothing is the way people accredit everything and anything to them and their self obsessed lives.
I was looking at Rebels Market Online market place and found this wonderful Ad for Ma1 jackets in blue and black

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Circus of Horrors - Win Tickets

Win!! 5 Pairs of tickets to see the sensational Circus of Horrors ‘Welcome to the CarnEvil’ show at London O2 Arena which runs between Thursday 5th and Saturday 14th November.
5 winners will be drawn, and you can increase your chances by sharing!

More awesome work from Outlaw leather

 Imagine combining a cut-throat Razor in a very stylish carved leather case that is itself a knuckle duster design  ! wow .
all this and more from Outlaw leather Club (instagram: @outlawleatherclub )

if you need something making  make contact
Found this guys work on Instagram and his work is amazing OutlawLeatherClub

ORDERING INFO/TO INQUIRE: 👉TEXT👈 (8am-8pm) 830-200-7396 or EMAIL: All orders are prepaid before work is performed, no exceptions.

Attitude towards us as bikers even in emergency situations ! nothing changes. A.C.A.B

I have just been reading in Back Street Heroes an account by Rick Hulse that is hard to believe had we all not endured the same bigoted attitude and prejudice throughout our years on 2 wheels.
please take a look in the BSH
I think it is November/December Issue ( see pic of cover below)
Basically, 2 trike riders , one with his daughter on board. travelling down road. Old codgers in car pull a right turn in front of the lead trike and the daughter is thrown down the road.
The police insist the trike rider stay at the scene despite his young daughter being taken away in very critically serious condition. The cops focus on consoling the old couple and even drive them home, basically ignoring the situation regarding the other parties.They Impound the trike, leaving the trike rider to make his own way to the Hospital.( thankfully the biker Brother riding the other trike had stayed around, able to witness this outrageous treatment and was able to take him to the bedside of his critically injured daughter.)
The good news is that the girl, although still seriously injured is no longer fighting for her life on the critical list. BUT the OUTRAGIOUSLY BAD NEWS, and perhaps no surprise to us bikers , they(cops) keep the bike impounded as evidence ( leaving the biker without his only form of transport in his job as a self employed engineer.), and press 2 (yes 2) charges against the biker !
This was 2.5 years ago and the court case has been postponed at the last minute twice, only making it to court this September .The full proceedings and outcome will be the subject of Rick's piece in the next issue of BSH.( not enough space in this issue)
Well worth checking out as I suspect it will be just as annotingly prejudice as the whole affair to date.


Wednesday, 28 October 2015


SpearMint Rhino

Its war ! Join this outfit !

Leather worker extraordinaire

Found this guys work on Instagram and his work is amazing OutlawLeatherClub

ORDERING INFO/TO INQUIRE: 👉TEXT👈 (8am-8pm) 830-200-7396 or EMAIL: All orders are prepaid before work is performed, no exceptions.


Awesome shower curtain  from

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Please vote for kris

Krisondra is in the contest to find Miss jetset magazine  2015. Please check her pictures and vote for her. She is hot !

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Gratuitous Pictures of Beautiful women

From Instagram
                                                             Click on her for more !

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Filthy minded beast ! Lol


So don't give a ......

Final countdown

One week to Bulldog Bash 2015 !

Monday, 29 June 2015

For those in Boxes - A reminder !

Fantastic bike weather

Yeah almost a week of fantastic riding weather...............i got sick on Thursday so spent the last 4 days very unwell and dizzy ....not a good combination for riding .lol
But the weather men are saying it will be good weather for the next week or so .

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Joey Dunlop

Watching a really good documentary about Joey Dunlop.
Great stuff.

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Av a laugh ! All these Sad bastards rushing to pay £299 to £ 15000 for the apple watch that looks as bad as the cheap Casio watches of the 1980' !

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"A basic militarized attack" on bikers !

11 days after the Incident in a restaurant car park in Waco Texas  170 bikers remain in custody awaiting arraignment with bail set at $1 million each. The attorney representing several of the bikers arrested is claiming that Bail is being used as an instrument of oppression and  "A basic militarized attack on a citizens right of free association" -Read more here 

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