Monday, 9 February 2009

Oscars Nomination

was initially really astounded/dissappointed that the movie 'Defiance' with Daniel Craig was not up there in the main Oscar nominations. Granted it did get a nomination for the music score but nothing more.
But then when I began to think about it in context I began to feel a lot better about it.
Firstly, the Oscars being industry awards, are really about little more than a pat on the back and marketing - oscars not only increase the bums on seats, longevity and DVD sales of the movie but secure the bankability of actors and filmakers alike for the next project. It's the Movie 'Business' lets never forget that.
Secondly, ok the publicity of the oscar nomination/win does help but as long as the movie was made and watched then the story has been told.
Thirdly, yes it's a great story,a true story, but although it is a story well told, cinematographically well made,it isn't a G.R.E.A.T movie.
I guess it's just unfortunate that often a story worth telling doesn't get the attention given to some indulgent piece of fiction.

I think the most dissappointing thing I saw about this movie was a description on a major website movie chart as "a movie about 3 Jewish brothers who get revenge for the killing of their parents"...........mmmm