Thursday, 29 August 2013

summer just got hotter !

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Intelligence ? What Intelligence ??????

I found an interesting site the other day that has lots of reports and information from government and Law enforcement.
Now we all know the information the site publishes is not " restricted" in the way that many of the Wikileaks stuff was (is ?) and is probably put on the site by the Law enforcement/political organisations themselves to meet their own agenda rather than leaked...........and possibly dis-information......(does that make it "un-Intelligence " ?????? lol )
some of the stuff on there is well worth a look........

especially the stuff on Bikers some of which has the following tag attached......
' Law Enforcement Sensitive – This information compiled and maintained by the Southeast MN Narcotics and Gang Task Force. Not to be shared with any other agency without permission of the SEMNGTF.'

Monday, 19 August 2013

Sparks !

Ain't it always the same the bike runs day in day out 325 a year except when you leave late for a hook up !
Fortunately my current Harley is not quite as bad as my old iron head.............she had the fantastic habit of waiting until you had got to your destination , had your hook up and then 3am , P***ing rain, or temperature drop and then wirr wirr couple of cranks and then the battery would give up. ! now the worse thing about that bike (or pile of crap american scrap iron as it became known on those occasions) was that this wasn't a regular easily diagnosed problem . The generator was fine , the voltage regulator(always a prat on an Iron head !) or the coil. Nothing so simple.............this was always an intermittent , and totally unpredictable
My current bike , had her since 2003, is usually a dream..........starts .runs stops....starts runs stops....maybe that is the problem ............almost so good you forget to do regular stuff like the regular maintenance stuff.
So I suppose like the girlfriend who you start to take for granted, my Harley decided to remind me in her own inimitable way.
Last weeks I had a regular, important hook up at 1pm. got up late, crap weather , decided to revert to going on the bike rather than the cage as originally intended which in turn meant I could rely on bus lane use and swift progress thru the traffic and leave later.Unfortunately like the proverbial hare I left it until the very last moment .

I Got round the block with a bit of splutter and a pop and thought " oh fuck gotta ditch her and swap to the car. Drove round the block , thought how late I was gonna be if i took the car and decided "ah it;s just cold running.- I'll risk it " BAD CALL ! after 4 sets of traffic lights on my short 12 minute Journey I realised I needed to increase the revs to avoid engine the time I reached my appointment I realized
(or rather the optimist in me hoped !)one of my plugs was giving up or had given up the ghost.
While I sat in my meeting I was re-occupied with whether or not to call for help or try to make it home. Hey I am 'Old' 'Old school' - if it will run I will ride it ! (and many time over the years I have pushed bikes
too !). And I gotta say to be honest I had my heart in my mouth and almost gave up halfway home, thinking to abandon the bike , get new plugs and then return to ride the restof the way...............but hey this is London and chances are some scum would steal the bike while I went for plugs ! " hedge hopping " I made it home and I gotta say i had zilch power and the noise was awful. What is usually a 'stump puller' from almost zero throttle could hardly make it up the slightest hill near home ! I was running on one firing plug/cylinder.
As I hoped , new plugs put everything right again and the beast breathed fire straight away. I learned 3 things from this little incident ...........
[1] how much we take spark plugs for granted , especially cos they are seemingly such a simple looking part, when we shouldn't !
[2] how prices on the spark plugs is totally non uniform (especially with the internet now giving great selection, the ones that the local bike store wanted £9 each for cost me £12 (inc shipping) for 4 online and..
[3] confirmation that just like my old ironhead my current bike is a typical American tractor - although often disrespected for being so primitive -simple engineering compared to most other brands- if you got a spark (even just one ) it will get you home.

P.S You could of course always "pretend you broke down !

Come on girls Push !

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Friday, 16 August 2013


slight problem on the Bill Ray pics

Hi guys , for some unknown reason the scrolling pics of the Hells Angels from my link the other day do not scroll in Google chrome (piece of shit ! ) but are ok in other browsers(I.E. etc)
Sorry about that and I am gonna put em on a static page as an alternative .click here


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Saturday, 3 August 2013

7 Days ! Cheltenham .Glos.

While you are at Tattoo Royale check out "alternative" model
 Miss Annalieza 

X Ray Specs

When I was a kid I used to chew "Bazooka Joe " Bubblegum and you could get gifts from their gift catalogue by collecting the vouchers inside each pack. ..........I always wanted to send off for the "X Ray Specs" from that catalogue......Maybe this is why ....................................

nice view

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