Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A 38-year-old motorcyclist in Switzerland was caught speeding without his motorbike, sliding passed a speed camera at 66 mph.
The incredible image above (released by Swiss police) shows the rider skidding helplessly as sparks are flying from his bike as he heads towards the side of the road.
The incident happened on October 2, 2011, beetween Cibourg and La Chaux-de-fonds, close to Bern and the French border.

Bad Hair day

" I said a Matt Curtis not a fucking Tony Curtis"

Eight people have been killed and one is critically injured after a gunman opened fire in a packed hair salon in California.
The shooter reportedly had several weapons and was wearing body armour, although this has not been confirmed.
Police said a man was arrested without incident a short time after the attack in the small town of Seal Beach, 30 miles south of Los Angeles.
Six were initially reported dead but the figure later rose to eight.