Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ace Cafe Motorcycle and Custom Show

Reminding everyone
- just over a week to go before the Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show opens its doors at Alexandra Palace in North London.UK.

Ace Cafe Motorcycle & Custom Show
26th-28th Feb 2010,
Alexandra Palace

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mr Desai

Mr Desai - Bent copper !
looks like he was more than bent...............the case showed him to be thoroughly corrupt in every sense. The only reason it took so long for him to be brought to justice was the utilisation of the 'Race card' against anyone(bosses etc) who challenged him. Hurrah for the British Justice system on finally bringing this nasty man to face the consequences. His use of the Black Police federation and the 'race card' itself is indicative of the nastiness of the is an insult to those who have legitimate cause to make racism an issue in their mistreatment.
I was bemused that on the radio this morning there were people still allowing him to hide his disgusting abuse of power by claiming that he had only been brought to justice because he was an ethnic officer ! There is no hope for people this apologetic. Yes there are also corrupt non-ethnic coppers and every now and then we are made aware of this but lets face it Mr Desai has been in the news many times and every time has got off sct free by accusing everyone of being racist.
Shut The F***** up you whingeing babies........get a life ./he was a bent copper and now he is a recognised/acknowledged criminal.
bye.bye Desai.

next please.

Monday, 8 February 2010


At the moment there is merely a parking page but I shall be re-launching in the next month after almost a year with the site down

The Outcasts Video.

Great to hear from others who remember the club and the BBC 40 minutes show on the club.
respects to those of you who made contact. I shall be trying to get the Vid transfered to DVD in next month so please be patient and I'll post here when it's done. Then I can send you a copy.


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Klass Act

Marlene Klass .........say no more.........check out -

Daily skull -the sometimes strange world of Skull

Making money online - a mine-field of dis-information

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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Jedward to replace Tyler in Aerosmith !

NOT ! but I did hear a story that Aerosmith are considering lenny Kravitz and Billy Idol amongst others ! No No No!

They may as well get jedward with Vanilla Ice !

Steven Tyler IS Aerosmith !

Oh man ! It was bad enough news back in late 2009 that Steven Tyler had quit the band to go into rehab and recover his health - (not for the first time in his long life !)
Well now according to Billboard magazine Aerosmith (the corporate entity that is the band )has begun its search for a singer to replace Steven Tyler -- though whether it's permanent or temporary is uncertain.
When Guitarist Joe perry finishes his stint on the Motley Crue tour on February 5th he will be making phone calls and Hopes to have found a new singer by the summer, enabling Aerosmith(Inc) to go back out on the road.
Tyler is currently in rehab for an addiction to painkillers after a tumultuous last few months of 2009(including an unscheduled stage dive -of sorts!), In December Tyler said he planned to "be writing, recording and performing with Aerosmith as soon as things are handled."
Guitarist Perry, however, reckons it may take a while for those things to be "handled", certainly longer than he and the rest of Aerosmith care to wait as they gear up for the group's 40th anniversary in 2011.

Perry said. "He has to have leg surgery and foot surgery and it's basically going to take him out of the picture for about a year, year and a half."