Saturday, 6 February 2010

Making money online - a mine-field of dis-information

I spent what seems like forever flailing around trying to work out for myself how I could make some extra money from the internet. I was certain the possibilities were there but just couldn't work out how to do it. I discovered in my searching that the people who were genuinely making money from the net were not as I had assumed, computer graduate boffins but actually just ordinary people like myself who enjoyed using the internet and had stumbled across or been pointed in the right direction of the techniques of turning this enjoyable pastime into a simple money stream running on 'auto- pilot' - leaving me to just continue enjoying writing my blogs.

The whole thing fell into place when I read "Blogging to the Bank" by an American called Rob Benwell. In this download book he tells you how to create money making blogs - and he does it step by step- so even if you have never created a blog before you can learn this as you go along.

Click the link to go through to his sales page, have a read.....don't be put off by the over the top 'American' hard sell, and the $ dollar pricings like the net, this system works universally and earnings will be paid in any currency you like.

I was very sceptical but decided the price (£24.33 ) of the step by step guide was well worth the risk - and I was proved right my blogs make me money even while I sleep or take my holidays !

to check it out Click here.

I even bought friends a copy as presents and they are now adding these income streams to their blogs.

I also regularly visit for more ideas, techniques and opportunities