Friday, 22 August 2014

Biker protection - clubs move into Ferguson

More than a week after police shot and killed an unarmed teenager, sparking racial tension and unrest. riders from motorcycle clubs have arrived in Ferguson, Missouri, in an effort to protect stores against looters and join in peaceful rallies,
Some of the bikers are reportedly from the Outcast MC, which touts itself as America's oldest, all-black motorcycle club. It was founded in Detroit in 1969, but has chapters across the country. 
Outcast members joined bikers from another club, Dominant Breed, in the St. Louis suburb over the weekend. While their goal is to show support and keep the peace, one rider told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the clubs have no official plan to protect the city. 

PHOTO: Bikers arrive in Ferguson, Missouri to participate in a Michael Brown rally.

PHOTO: Bikers join in a rally in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 17, 2014. 
"But normally when they see our presence [troublemakers] don't come around much," the biker told the newspaper.
The bikers were also spotted at a memorial site for the slain teen, Michael Brown, 18.
Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson acknowledged the bikers at a news conference on Saturday.
"There was a motorcycle group out here who walked up and said, 'You tell us what time,'" Johnson said, referring to the curfew that authorities implemented in Ferguson.
Journalists and protesters shared snapshots of the bikers, clad in signature black jackets and skull masks, on social media.
They joined students, families, churches and members of groups including Amnesty International and even the Black Panther Party, who have joined in the rallies. Many are protesting excessive police force and the lack of public information related to Brown's case.
Brown was killed on Aug. 9 as he and a friend were walking home from a convenience store. Police identified Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Brown, six days later. Circumstances surrounding Brown's death are still unclear.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Bulldog is back !

The Sound of motorcycle exhaust pipes fading into the Stratford countryside marks the end of the 2014 Bulldog Bash weekend.
The sound bite for the show this year was " fight for your right to party......and party we did .

The dark skies have opened up and .......well who GAF ! We came we saw we partied .
Bikers are resilient folk and  a downpour merely inconveniences us .

" Better than farmyard " was one opinion from an experienced bike festival fan but for whom this was a first bulldog .

The new " re- invented " bulldog is by anyone's reckoning  a resounding success. Walking round the campsite on Friday and Saturday hearing experienced bulldogers chatting amongst themselves and to myself when asked  it became obvious that the return after a years break with its return to the original bulldog ethos pleased most people . " a proper biker festival" was just about the crux of it.
Ok so there were a few things from old bulldog evolution that we would liked to have seen .
Cash tills on site would have helped everyone out , as would some stalls selling basics such as milk, bread etc, services such as   bikini bike wash, and the wet t shirt contests ?

But all in all a great show/festival and most certainly  back with a vengeance .

Respect to the Hells Angels MC for make it real again .

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What is that sound I hear ?   oh , it is the worlds smallest violin . It is playing a sorrowful tune for the Police who sat on their fat arses, on overtime, with nothing to do all weekend.
Or to the traffic cops sitting with their Bikes and speed guns round one of the corners waiting for us terrible law breaking Bikers racing up to beautiful Stratford.
And thanks to the brotherhood that exists between bikers that meant within a few minutes of them sitting there everyone at the Bash knew and was alerted. Thanks for remembering to "flash"  oncoming bikes after you pass these cops lying in wait.
And Thanks to the cops sitting in the lay-by across from the Bash in unmarked cars - for being so obvious.
NB: several of these "thank you's" are tongue in cheek and may be interpreted as "F**k You's !

                                                          F**K The Police !