Friday, 8 April 2016

wasnt sure if to believe it .....

Over the last few years I had constantly being hearing about Binary Option Trading and the "claims" about making money by trading.
After a week of looking into the matter, the do's and don'ts, and selecting a brokers site I finally decided to dip my toe in the water and actually use some real money to trade.
Got off to a good start earlier in the day for a deposit into the account of £10 and making £1 trades I actually managed to increase my account to £35, but then as many of the "experts " warned , I lost the plot and ignored all the advice and rules I had read about........and my account balance was down to   £4.53 in very short time ( I am making 30 second trades).  At that point I decided to take a break and started to potter about the house .
In the afternoon , and several cups of coffee later I returned to the laptop and started to trade again . I stuck rigidly to what I thought I had learned from all the articles and you tube videos.
Making trades of £1 , £2, and ocassionally £5 and concentrating madly on the market information I traded for 45 minutes , took a coffee break and then continued for another 45 minutes.

The total funds in my account after the trading period was just over £200 which point I rather stupidly ignored what I had learned and made a couple of silly trades on a whim which took me down to £147.96
But all in all not a bad day sat at home making the best of my £10.
I am not trading at the weekend as it becomes a "virtual" market while the actual currency markets and stock markets are closed. Any trading done is against other "traders and the market is an algorhythm on the software.

I do intend to trade regularly over the next weeks and see what happens. Watch this space.