Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sandra bullock and Jesse james

What the heck Jesse !
Oh boy what was he thinking, trophy wife who most guys would kill for and he goes and gets caught with,admittedly very sexy, wanna be from the sex industry.............Jesse, there is only one winner here. Miss Mcgee allegedly got $30,000 for breaking the story to the press and her website(recently launched and her other ventures) has been inundated with free traffic and no doubt 'paying customers ! - Video Sex chat room).
I saw the photos of miss Mcgee on bykuz.com website including the rather suspect ones done in nazi regalia, - each to their own but I have a particular problem with the W(white) and P(Power)
tatoos on the back of her legs ? she even looks like a Psycho-pain inducing bitch !

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bikes,women and sun

Now in a world of Political correctness gone made I find it a healthy and natural reaction in the opposite direction that the traditional core values of bikers are in tact. Motorcycles,speed and women. Daytona is the ultimate manifestation of the lifestyle ...great custom bikes, hard bellies,booze,party -central...............yeeeeah baby. to those who are too PC to appreciate it (or admit to themselves that they appreciate it ! ) blow it out yer pipe citizen .........Square.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Healthy food for bykuz

Although we are not famous for our healthy lifestyles it is a well kept secret that bikers enjoy coleslaw by the Bucketful during Daytona Bike week Florida USA.
I was surfin the other day when I came across the bykuz site which is features a daily piece about the goings on in Daytona during Bike week which is on at the moment.
I like the site and it's on my favourites as they have a list of events featuring rallies, rides and shows.
Bykuz has been down and out of action for over a year now but seems to be back with a vengeance.