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With a rebel Yell !

I was watching American Gun  - the Wyatt family in Colorado own and operate a gunsmiths and build customised guns etc .
The Wyatts are your typical suburban family who just happened to own one of the premiere firearms facilities in the world. Rich Wyatt and his wife Renee own Gunsmoke, located outside Denver, Colorado, where they buy, sell and trade guns - from hand cannons to hunting rifles. And if you don't see what you want, they'll build one for you - from nothing more than a block of metal.
Gunsmoke has the largest and most experienced group of gunsmiths in the state. When the Wyatts aren't building or selling guns, they're shooting them. No gun leaves their shop without being test fired by the family first.
Todays episode had them given the task of constructing a winchester lever action shotgun for a biker who was also a fireman on 9/11 - now retired. The request was somewhat unusual because he needed a shortened barrel and wanted to be able to fire the gun whilst still riding !  The gunsmiths took the task and created a special mount which he would slam the gun into after pulling it from the holster on his back and he can then fire,reload and ride simultaneously.
Of course there is a different mindset here in the Uk compared to the USA when it comes to anything gun orientated so it did strike me as incredible that at no point did anyone ask the question "why would you want or need such a rig ? " lol It's kinda like everyone is living in an action movie !  God Bless America !

note the awesome paint job from  True Kustom

What would make me follow sport again ?

Back in the day I used to follow football....way back in the day when i was a kid. Manchester United had
Dennis Law, Bobby Charlton and of course the late great George Best......yep ...that long ago lol.
Then came Guitars , choppers, motorcycles and Girls !

But today I saw a picture of a team that could possibly have me watching football again ! lol

Imagine a whole league made up of teams that
looked like this hahahaha !

Imagine the mens teams having to play against this team ?????????

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Worth checking. out if you're in the area

Wednesday, July 3 is the date for Barton Bike Night, from 5pm to 10pm. Town centre streets will be closed to traffic to allow thousands of visitors and motorbikes to assemble. Other attractions will be trade stands, live bands and a wide range of food. For further details, call 0789 6712048. 
Last year's bike night attracted more than 10,000 motorcyclists, scooter fans and members of the public.

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IDS is a wanker !

Stuff stupid PR of living on benefits for 1 week you fat pig ! try long term effects and then shut the F **k up !
please sign the petition.

Government ! cutting away at care for disabilities

Please join this campaign:
please take a second to ensure one group of our society are given what they need to enable them to be all they can be. and remember Mr Osbournes cuts to this group will only be the start if he is not challenged ....when they came for the (as appropriate) I did not speak out because I was not (as appropriate)and when they came for me there was no one to speak out !.
Please join this campaign:

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all about the bikes .......honest !

Some great bike pics on this pin page , .................oh and there are a few girls also !