Friday, 1 January 2010

Old BBC documentary about the Outcasts MC

decided to transfer an old VHS to my computer today, but thought I'd watch it first. It was a documentary made in 1985( at a guess) about an outlaw motorcycle club called the Outcasts MC (check out outcasts MC on I remember at the time thinking the programme was a bitfunny as they came across as amusing and almost a spoof.........
but then as the incidents at Battersea town hall a few years later showed , tragedy waited round the corner for this club.
I remember going to an 'London' Outcasts MC bike show at Mile End in the nineties - they had their own pub as a clubhouse....very cool.
In some ways the documentary showed a bunch of motorcycle obsessed guys, like myself and the crowd I grew up with, who rode got stoned and had a good time irrespective of societies norms. There is a lovable naievity about the whole thing which is only tainted by the 'modern'interpretation of what a Motorcycle club is and should be.I suppose times do change and the world has become a lot harder and everyone has to take life a lot more serious than they used to.
Outcasts MC in Uk ceased to exist and I believe ( not confirmed) that some members became Hells Angels whilst others eventually became members of the Outlaws MC worldwide brotherhood.
I'm sure the MC world stories will still play out into 2010.