Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mr Desai

Mr Desai - Bent copper !
looks like he was more than bent...............the case showed him to be thoroughly corrupt in every sense. The only reason it took so long for him to be brought to justice was the utilisation of the 'Race card' against anyone(bosses etc) who challenged him. Hurrah for the British Justice system on finally bringing this nasty man to face the consequences. His use of the Black Police federation and the 'race card' itself is indicative of the nastiness of the man..........it is an insult to those who have legitimate cause to make racism an issue in their mistreatment.
I was bemused that on the radio this morning there were people still allowing him to hide his disgusting abuse of power by claiming that he had only been brought to justice because he was an ethnic officer ! There is no hope for people this apologetic. Yes there are also corrupt non-ethnic coppers and every now and then we are made aware of this but lets face it Mr Desai has been in the news many times and every time has got off sct free by accusing everyone of being racist.
Shut The F***** up you whingeing babies........get a life ./he was a bent copper and now he is a recognised/acknowledged criminal.
bye.bye Desai.

next please.