Sunday, 18 March 2007

jeep Grand Chrokee

I recently acquired an old JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE ( a 1996 model ). 4 Litres of pure American Grunt even though it’s only the little brother to the 6 Litre Model.
I live in the UK so with Petrol (gas) costing 89p per litre it’s fairly extravagant to have a vehicle averaging 16-18 Miles to the Gallon - But what the heck !
my site is

Being the obsessive personality I am, I started to immediately compile information on suppliers to get stuff and information on the vehicle. Everything from Tyres to Accessories.
I thought it might be useful to put the info on a webpage to save others some of the legwork.

check it out, it's gonna be added to every few days and whenever I find another good supplier of something useful to the Jeep owner/enthusiast - clickhere