Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Ho incredibly boring the Easters seem to get.............I never seem to have any money to do anything or the energy to take up the various 'free' ways of enjoying oneself in this great capital city. Working at the Local council is , i imagine like being in a coma. A big new change in the Parking regulations is imminent and our office is struggling to even get the existing IT to work half way decently. The on -going saga with the Harley - for which I have lost all motivation, was kick started(pun intended) when, after the problems on the tin box proved to be no more than a set of HT leads, I figured the symptoms were identical in the problems I was having with the bike. After several visits to I found a quote for the Voltage reg at £95-100 which scared the bejeepers out of me. So at the 11th hour having just stalled at pressing the order now button for a £120 voltage regulator I figured I'd replace the Spark plugs and leads first (intended replacement anyhow) before splashing out on the regulator.....yeeh hah ! saved myself £120 ! runs like a dream. anyway back to the office of coma hQ. later.