Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I kept reading stories that confirmed my view/hunch that test centres with repair garages might naughtily be making work for themselves ....and of course money ! by failing vehicles willy nilly.
On several websites there are postings by people who have had a test fail on their car, and quotes for the work from the side-arm garage.........but have then placed the car in the hands of the local authority test centre (not a lot of people know these even exist) and the vehicle has sailed through to a pass.......................
last week my car (an 03 reg) was failed by my Nationwide Autocentre.(MOT special offer £27.50) andI was asked if I wanted to leave the vehicle for what would amount to several hundred pounds worth of work. I said I'd get my specialist to do the work (he is good and cheaper !). Unfortunately he was busy so I thought it would be a good time to 'risk' the money and test the local authority test centre theory.
I was a bit nervous that it could of course find more faults as the local authority test centres are very meticulous and do not offer discounts at all.
The vehicle was quote:- "a good car" and sailed through to pass. not even a notifier of the failing points found by Nationwide.
Nuff said
Don't get me started on Bike Mot's
"Wots an MOT ? " haha