Tuesday, 23 July 2013

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Bring Motorcycle road tax inline with that of cars

Cars pay road tax on based on the emissions.
Motorcycles pay road tax based on their CC
For most motorcycles, if they were cars, they'd pay no tax whatsoever...
 but as Motorcycle's are still taxed based on the old method of judging their CC, motorcycles over 600cc pay £78 a year.
So a Toyota Aygo or Citreon C1, a tax class B car, pays just £20 a year, producing 139gm of Co2...
....but a Honda VFR making just 16.5g of CO2, pays £78 a year, nearly 4 times as much. Motorcycles take up next to no room, are far less emitting than cars, cause far less wear/tear on the road surfaces and reduce traffic.
It's about time this fundamental unfairness was addressed, and motorcycle tax based on emission on the same basis as cars.
It is either discrimination against motorcyclists, or blatant milking of us for financial benefit.