Monday, 30 September 2013

laugh ? I almost passed me fags round ! (oops no pun intended !)

dunno if many others here have been following the so called "facebook Biker War "........but worth checking it out it is so futile.
Basically some or mainly one MC club "Iron Order MC" has established itself all across the USA(and it would appear -here in the UK)without respect for or any acknowledgement of the traditional values and behaviour usual to establishment of a new MC . to make things worse they are a club made up of ex/current servicemen and Law enforcement.

 It seems from reports on the net that the club manage to get up to and get away with all the usual shenanigans we have come to expect from Law Enforcement worldwide !
They sound like LE members inspired by "Devils Ride " or "SOA".
check out some of the postings for a laugh
 or visit

Whatever next ? maybe a new club where members Knits each others colours ?