Saturday, 6 December 2014

Foxes hate bikers too !

About 1 month ago whilst covering my motorcycle for the night I was bitten by a fox hiding behind the bike.! had the tetanus, and the anti biotics etc from the hospital.
The amazing thing was that the fox did not run off after biting my hand but actually came round the bike and stood looking at me , edging forward  towards me as if to say " come on then ! you want some ? ! lol he did run off when iI moved suddenly .
Then about a week later , again while manoeuvering my bike to cover it for the night i turned and saw the fox standing there .

A week later I saw a mate who parks his bikes in the street across the road from our house. When I told him about the fox biting me, he told me he had problems a few days before with probably the same fox. He was sat working on his bike with tools etc laid out on the pavement. He noticed the fox edging towards where he was working .he noticed it was edging forward and then suddenly ran up to his tools, stole one of the oily rags and ran off into the bushes.
yesterday evening , still in daylight , as I rode my motorcycle onto the pavement to cover it for the night , the fox suddenly appeared on the pavement about 30 ft away, running towards me . it started to run at me and i jumped off and placed the bike between  myself and the fox  The fox still, kept coming and tried to get round the bike to me . I shouted at the fox and eventually managed to somehow get it to back off. The fox backed itself away into the middle of the road and away into the bushes from where it came ....Freaky !

about 2 hours later i could hear my friend arrive on his bike. as i looked out of the window I saw the fox emerge from the bushes and run towards him. The biker saw it and seemed to be as amazed as I had been , The fox ran up to him but got a swift boot from the bikers steel boot. lol

I havent noticed if the fox has a bushy tail but I guarantee if that fox attacks me again I will have my lump hammer ready
If the coat is good there will be some nice skin to work with .