Sunday, 14 May 2017

What a polava ! Jeep saga

In an earlier post I had sent off for the replacement Power steering pump. It arrived after 5 days  but alas it was the wrong one ! It appears to be for the Cherokee and not the Grand Cherokee.
My impatience got the better of me and having determined which of the many different model PSP's is the one for my model and configuration I decided to get one from a Jeep breakers here in the UK.
It arrived with flywheel on and reservoir attached and in theory ready to just bolt on.
All done , turned the engine over and .........a fountain of Power steering fluid from the pump. Maybe that was the reason the jeep was in the Scrapsyard !  bummer.
Sent to Poland and correct one arrived, attached a reservoir ( got several by now lol) and flywheel.
Yesterday I attached it all to the vehicle , filled up the reservoir and hey presto - back on the last  !