Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Be her Valentine

be selfish -buy her what you want !

Sexy Lingerie

I know many men, myself included, dread this very stressful time of year. Research and our own desires tell us what we should get her for Christmas. But where do we start ?

Well it’s a tough job but someone has to do it………………..I’ll start with the academic approach to sexy lingerie and then at great personal hardship and stress I’ll research the subject –which could well involve hour after hour of net surfing and questioning the fairer sex about their lingerie desires……….” oh the sacrifices that man makes for his blog” - I hear you say…………

It's easy to just order online and the shops selling this stuff have really helpful (not to mention enjoyable !) websites Click here for a selection

Recent consumer research confirms that women love to both receive and give sexy lingerie as gifts. The survey showed that 38% of all women and 82% of 18-35 year olds liked to receive lingerie as a present, and that 32% liked to purchase lingerie as a gift for family and friends.

The survey also said that 29% liked to wear attractive and sexy underwear and that they have certain items of lingerie that they wear for special occasions. Women are more likely to have a “wardrobe of underwear” buying different styles and types for different occasions.

The report also found that 34% of respondents said they bought underwear to “treat themselves”.(no surprise there then !)

A key trend in the lingerie market has been for the sexy and erotic ranges to “come out of the cupboard” and into the mainstream market.

Sexy Lingerie - Click here for a selection