Thursday, 3 July 2008

Knee jerk reaction

Family 'replaced by gang culture'
Family life has been replaced by gang culture based on drugs and violence for "almost feral groups" of young people, a police chief has suggested.
Barbara Wilding, Chief Constable of South Wales, said in some areas tribal loyalty replaced that of the family.
Her speech was made at King's College London in May, and reported in The Times, which obtained a transcript.
Ms Wilding said that family breakdown was the root cause of many problems for young people.
Speaking at the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, she said: "In many of our larger cities, in areas of extreme deprivation, there are almost feral groups of very angry young people.
"Many have experienced family breakdown, and in place of parental and family role models, the gang culture is now established.
"Tribal loyalty has replaced family loyalty and gang culture based on violence and drugs is a way of life."
The former deputy assistant commissioner for the Metropolitan Police also said more focus should be placed on tackling the complicated social and economic issues that lead to criminal behaviour.
"In an age of cost-benefit analysis... there is no appetite for solutions that have no visible return and no patience for any which will not bear immediate political fruit."
During her speech, Ms Wilding also said disaffected young people were a prime target for terrorist recruiters.
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