Wednesday, 16 July 2008

pirate video

I bought a dvd advertised as region 1(or was it 2 ?) from ebay. The Title was The history of the Hells Angels. It arrived in a home styled cover and the label on the disc was paper and matching design. It turned out to be a straight 'Copy' of the History Channel Documentary made in 2005. The disc wouldn't play without disruption on DVD or on my PC.
When I moaned to the seller about it being a pirate she claimed it wasn't ...... as the film is in the public domain......? ? ? I'm sure History Channel think her 'e'mail she also points out matter-of -factly' that I should check my facts, and that she has sold at least 5 copies nad never had any faulty ones.

I also bought a 2003 onwards Harley Sportster workshop manual.from another seller.........didn't read the whole advertisement and lo and behold a disc arrives.