Saturday, 23 October 2010

if it aint broke !

Why am I selling such a great seat ?
well, as anyone will tell you, I am of the old school Biker breed that believes " if it aint broke don't fix it", but after 5 years on my custom sportster I had to face it that the stuffing coming out of the cracked vinyl of the sportster seat like a mouse infested matress was beginning to bug me. So I go on ebay and bid on several seats but could not get one at a decent price ( 'schill' bidding and over-optomistic Harley owners ?).
I eventually manage to get one at a decent price and yep 100% condition, like new. BUT the Harley tradition of slightly altering the oddest aspects and specs on their models meant it does'nt fit my model and year !. Sods law ! So - its up for sale with a buy iy now of the price I paid. And My bike still has the stuffing hanging out until I sell that one and get another that does fit !
Or maybe I'll win the Lottery...........................But I won't let it change my life ......... HaHa ! BullSh*T! of course I'll let it totally change me ! haha!