Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hells Angels MC sueing Department of Homeland Security

Makes you wonder if the US Department of Homeland Security don't have anything better to do with their time . I read the story on  and wish respect and success to the Angels in their taking these idiots to task on what is a matter of principle. Count the number of RICO [ Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act,] actions that have failed in relation to 1%er clubs.and in particular when they went after Sonny the late 70's early 80's.[More on this]
How long before they extend their criteria beyond  the clubs and to " bieng a biker" as the necessary requirement.
Any subculture will by it's very definition be a microcosm of the mainstream society in which it exists and will mirror the characteristics of the main society in many ways . Just as there is a certain proportion of individuals engaged in acts (defined by the mainstream society) of a perceived criminal nature in the mainstream society , there will be a similar proportion involved within the sub-culture.[ it is also important to consider that the mainstream societies definition of criminal acts may be such as to render certain lifestyles impossible without those acts, and may indeed have been deliberately designated as criminal in order to impose controls and facilitate criminal sanction on those subcultures.(anyone remember how the law in England- the Police and Criminal Justice Act 1994 was instigated in order to stop Raves and then attempted to stop gatherings of other types such as Biker festivals.? more on this here ).
The Authorities worldwide have failed dismally on many occasions to prove in court that clubs such as the Angels are criminal organisations 'per se' .

Who watches the watchers .......we should be watching these things so they do not chip away at our lifestyles and freedoms bit by bit without us realising until it is too late .