Friday, 26 October 2012

Weekend Warriors

Anyone who knows me for any short time will know that i have a total dislike for the breed of apologist bikers that has grown up since the "instant cool school" started buying harleys and any bikes , started in thelate 80's early 90's. lol
I once asked a couple of guys sitting outside Picasso;s cafe in Londons Chelsea Kings Road " are you guys goin to Bulldog next week ? " and the reply ...." no we dont usually go to festivals but we do all ride up to the Hardrock every thursday " ..............hahaha hey but they did have bandannas and genuine shiney davidson leather jackets ! so they must be bikers eh ? Tossers!
anyway getting back to the point of all this ....which i rarely do ! lol
I just visited the "Biktoberfest" site for an update on last weeks gathering in Daytona. oh my dissappointment to see that the same weekend warrior attitude of " we are bikers but we are not bad boys, please like us " is rife even there .................yep instead of the usual riders rights type of ads we are used to there was a box stating "Loud Pipes Risk Rights".WTF my head went into an"exorcist" swivel on my body and the deep tone of the prince of darkness emanated from my busty-teethed gob..
"f**k em ......F**k em in the ass ....Motherf**ers"

take a look and laugh

F***ing apologists .....whatever happened to the spirit of "if you dont like what you see F**k you ! "

why dont we all just write a letter to "the man" ....." Dear Sir, can you please send me your rules on being wild and rebellious bikers we know what we are allowed to do ................."