Friday, 8 November 2013

Biker,Pink,Drag on words

In Australia a "Bikie" (God that word irritates me ! ) stages pink protest down Toowoomba's main drag ?
what the F is that all about ?
AN ANONYMOUS bikie made a public pink protest down the main strip of Toowoomba in response to the State Government's new anti-bikie laws.
The lone rider traded the traditional black-leather garb synonymous with bikie culture for a bright pink vest as he rode down the main street.
One of the guys friends caught the ride on film, with the caption "Bring on the pink, Newman. We don't care!"
In a letter to The Chronicle, the mystery rider outlined the basis of his protest.
"It is my answer to Campbell Newman's childish threats of making 'bikie' prisoners wear pink," the letter states.
"We don't give a stuff."
Question is did anyone actually notice this one man protest ? lol