Friday, 8 November 2013

Weekend Warriors.

One of the interesting aspects of the Clampdown on Criminal Biker gangs in Queensland(Australia) is that suddenly 'citizens' and 'weekend warriors' who ride motorcycles are acting all "middle class" and indignant about the New laws. I thinks it's indicative of the modern mentality and funny watching the mum and dad bikers playing the victim in the crackdown on the outlaw bikie bad boys.
Of course it's not just them, it's something people do nowadays. As soon as there's big news, there is a frantic rush to associate with it by any tenuous link . It is the natural progression of the "instant street cred"  consumerism in all aspects of modern iconography and fashion............if ya got the money you can buy the Harley , have it "accessorised" and be a bad boy rebel outlaw son of anarchy when you get out the office, or the kids are with Grandma on a sunday afternoon.

Folks who simply ride motorbikes (even dressed up in big, tough matt black) need to understand something - the real outlaw bikies don't like you. You are in no way related. You're not even friends.
If all the bikies you associate with are good, honest people, it simply proves the point.
The fact that you want to claim some sort of street credibility as a victim of the police is at best a little bit sad and shameless.
But of course, it's not just bikers who shamelessly crave these tenuous associations and attention.
Whenever there's a disaster, a fatal crash, a robbery, whatever, people are keen to be associated.
You see it in the social media  all the time "This is really hurting me. My brother's friend's  family is in the worst spot and  we're doing all we can to help" - yeah, from 1000km away.
But of course they get all the comments and likes they're after - "thinking of you buddy". 
I can't help wondering what how it looks in other countries less obsessed with all this "living out "of every part of our lives on a public stage.
I seriously think that we've got it too good in our countries and as a result we're desperate for attention.
Being a victim is never easy. It's not something you do from the comfort of your lounge room or an internet cafe for half an hour a day. It's more than a collection of sentences that win you "likes" on facebook.
So you Weekend Warriors be careful what you wish for  ! keep it real.