Saturday, 9 May 2015

Oily Rag

After a setback in my private life I turned to the one I love and decided to pamper it. Yep time to do the Oil change I keep promising. So dodging the  spatterings of rain which seem obligatory at weekends in london I rode the bike for a few miles ( get the bread from the store) and returned home to drain the warm oil. Now as much as it would be nice to make out this is a rocket science engineering task and worthy of the charge a dealer will make aint ! Especially on the late 90's sportsters this is a simple task as all it requires is to undo 1 tube clamp and pull the tube away from the stopper and let it drain into your oil tray. Simples. ( do not foregt to remove the dipstick so there is no possible pressure making the oil flow slower.  That done just replaced the oil pipe to the stopper , tightened the tube clamp and filled the oil tank to the required quantity.
Now there are some who swear you should always change the oil filter when you change the oil( including those selling the oil filters ! )  but there is another school of thought that believe you can change the oil filter every 2nd oil change . Circumstance and my tight wallet dictated I  am of the latter. The oil filter will get replaced next oil change .