Saturday, 9 May 2015

Some subjects to avoid .....

Religion, Politics and ....................Oil ?
It is actually quite an illuminating subject and one that as petrol heads and bikers it does us well to contemplate.
Why do we need  Oil in our engines ? 

Incidently, I called up a Harley dealer to get a price on a replacement oil filter for my bike . They quoted £12.46 inc Vat. But on t'internet , at ebay I got one for £7.99 inc UK shipping ....I am fucked if I am paying  an extra  £4.46 just to be able to ride 2 miles to get it immediately.  No way Pedro !
it would have been even cheaper if i had not insisted on having the chrome instead of black lol .

 2 webpages to check out on Basics of Oil - Here  and  Motorcycle Oil Tips & Tricks  Here with plenty of interesting links off from them too.