Friday, 18 October 2013

Charges Dropped in NYC Motorcycle Attack !

Quite right !  BUT don't be fooled the disclaimer in the final paragraph .....typical . and note the heavy slant of the story in favour of the "innocent" range rover driver.
Fact is the Range Rover Driver rear ends the rider in front before the whole incident kicks off  and before he ploughs thru bikers seriously injuring one .
'Prosecutors dropped charges Wednesday against one of the men arrested in connection with a motorcycle road rage incident in New York City over the weekend.
Allen Edwards, 42, had been charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing due to his alleged participation in an attack on Alexian Lien. The businessman was driving his SUV with his wife and two-year-old daughter in the car Sunday when a swarm of motorcycles surrounded the vehicle. The altercation, which lasted several minutes and was caught on video, left one biker gravely injured and ended when Lien was dragged from his car and beaten on a New York City street.
The fact that charges have been dropped doesn’t prevent prosecutors from bringing future charges, “Prematurely charging individuals with low-level crimes does not further the goals of the investigation, and could weaken the cases we expect to bring against the perpetrators of serious crimes,” a prosecutor said in a statement.'

When all said and done the car driver got only a little of what he deserved. let's hope he learned some respect and that the little bubble in which he goes around feeling safe , indestructible, and oblivious to other road users is not impenetrable.