Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New Video Shows Motorcyclists Stomping SUV Driver Into Pavement

Two publicly available videos showing the altercation between a group of motorcyclists and the Washington Heights last month but have both omitted the actual assault. The first video ends just when a motorcyclist bashes in the driver's side window, and a second video starts just after the bikers finish kicking driver Alexian Lien into a bloody pulp in the street. ( I guess it is difficult to hold the phone whilst throwing punches lol !) Now, however, ABC 7 has obtained (disturbing  ?)video of the assault from another witness:
To tell ya the truth the video is pretty dire and unsteady so although the cops may have found it useful the media use of it is a waste of time ...judge for yourself

ABC 7 reports that police have seen the video. Nine people have been arrested so far