Monday, 21 October 2013

Clampdown Australian style

Apart from always being slightly bemused by the slightly comedic sounding use of the word Bikies  (as opposed to Bikers) by Australians, it is often interesting to take a look at the way bikers are portrayed and represented in the press down under.

It will come as no surprise that it appears to be just the same as everywhere else in the world. In a way it's reassuring.

Oh and hey in case anyone has got me wrong - i really don't give a rats ass what citizens and the press think of me or my kind, or how Hollywood twats represent or misrepresent just interests , amuses and amazes me that the same stereotypical shit is still pouring out.  I certainly believe that any attempt to explain to these nit wits gives their stupidity a value and the best way to deal with them is to carry on regardless.

Anyway  - Australia.............."Bikies"...........just like elsewhere  the generic term is so wide as to include Pizza bike riders, scooters,sports bikes riders, family tourers, 1%ers  and essentially anything on two wheels with an engine.

The scarey stories and negative representations are fairly standard and equally biased and embellished for dramatic effect.

The Australian Authorities have instigated a clamp down on "Bikies" and have brought in draconian laws to attempt to completely wipe out " bikies".- 25 years jail for membership and equally harsh and disproportionate treatment for association

Today (21st October) Police are reported as having made their first arrests under the tough new anti-bikie legislation when two 'Odin's Warriors' were arrested in Cairns

Just looking at todays papers/reports (Australian)

        ' Police warned to enforce Campbell Newman's new bikie
          laws or face being fired '

Queensland online news
         ' Australian Crime Commission finds BIKIES are running
          their illegal businesses while in jail sparking fears they may
          be paying off prison staff.'

The Courier Mail :
         ' Is former Bandidos member turned Hells Angel John Fahey
           the man who kickstarted events that led to bikie
           crackdown ? '

and rather embarrassingly for the cops !
         'Two police officers have been left red-faced after confusing
          a man's Sons of Anarchy T-shirt with a real bikie gang's patch
          in Queensland.'